Filing Requirements – Israeli Patent applications

Yael Saidian

Yael Saidian

Registered Israeli patent attorney

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If you are an applicant or a foreign associate, the following information will help you organize the required documents for filing a new patent application in Israel. Same requirements apply for patent applications filed as a national phase of PCT or under the Paris convention.

Please take a few minutes, read the following and avoid making embarrassing mistakes or incurring unreasonable expenses.

Guidelines for filing new national patent applications in Israel

  • Patent applications can be filed in English.
  • Translation of specification into Hebrew is not required.
  • Up to 50 first claims are covered by the filing fees. 
  • Beyond 50 claims, each additional claim is subject to a surcharge.
  • An additional charge for excess pages is due for each 50 pages above the first 100.
  • A scanned copy of the executed Power of Attorney (POA) can be filed. 
  • Legalization or notarization of the POA is not required.
In cases where, the original application was filed in a non-English language:
  • For international applications filed in a non-English language – a verified English translation* of the PCT application is required.
  • For applications which claim priority from a non-English application – a verified English translation* of the priority document is required.

In cases where the PCT application is identical to the priority application, only one verified document is required.

* A verified English translation means an English translation with the translator’s statement (under oath) that the translation is a true English translation of the priority document. 

The verified translation can be submitted subsequent to the filing of the application, within three months from the filing date in Israel.

You may also find the following article helpful genaral information regarding patents in Israel.


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