Welcome to YSDN Patents - Israeli Patent Attorney Services

YSDN Patents specializes in filing and prosecution of patents & designs in Israel.


The boutique firm was founded by Yael Saidian, a certified patent attorney. 


Looking for a professional rapid response with a great value, you’ve reached the right place.

Why YSDN Patents?

  • Over 25 years of specialized experience in prosecution of patents and designs.
  • Profound knowledge of Israeli Patent Law & Regulations.
  • Over 92% success rate in restoring rights and rectifying errors.
  • Tailored prosecution strategy within budget-constraints.
  • Total dedication to proactive and efficient service.
  • Personalized service by the expertYael Saidian.

I guarantee that you will enjoy working with me, don’t settle for a “sausage factory” service.

Contacting YSDN Patents couldn't be easier

Jessica Bressler
Jessica Bressler
Advocate, Information Specialist, Israel Cancer Association
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"...Yael possesses a huge depth of experience in all aspects of Israel Patent Office practice and prosecution..."​

YSDN Patents - Codes of Service

Next business day* filing service – submission of national patent applications within 24 hours from receipt of instructions. Immediate confirmation of filing.


We do not charge additional fee for this speedy filing.

* Call for same day filing.

Effective communication – my reports include straight forward & clear advice based on preliminary review and careful professional analysis.


My preliminary review will save your time by suggesting an approach that can overcome the rejections of the Israeli examiner. 

Maximize the value of your IP budget

Every cost aspect of our services is measured through the prism of the expected value. 

No surprises when it comes to billing.

We do not charge for tasks such as reminders, local phone calls, photocopying & scanning!


I’m a specialist with specific expertise.


I don’t do everything


Upon a request that requires expertise out of my domain, I will gladly refer you to a colleague.

Celia Leber
Celia Leber
President of Leber IP Law
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"...Yael provided valuable input in patent prosecution for one of my clients. Based on her advice and proposed replies, we obtained acceptance after only a single Office action in many applications..."

Securing a patent registration in Israel with YSDN Patents means delivering a great value to your clients

  1. Faster registration – the amount of time an application spends in patent prosecution is largely dependent on correspondence with the patent examiner. Upon using the appropriate tools provided by the law and regulations, we can expedite examination and reduce the time until registration.


  1. Robust registration – Doing things the right way from the start. We have a wealth of experience in counselling our overseas associates on the nuances of Israeli practice to help streamline their clients’ Israeli patent portfolios.


  1. Cost-effective outcome.
 Lior Zilberman
Lior Zilberman
Head of R&D, Elbit Systems – Cyclone
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"...I highly recommend using the services of patent-attorney Yael Saidian. She has covered all details, paying attention to every small facet, demonstrating professionalism, commitment and interpersonal communication skills."

Additional recommendations can be found in our testimonials page. In this page, you can also see some of the companies received Yael’s professional services in procuring registered patents.