IP Audit

Proceedings before IL PO

In cases where a mishap occurred we provide representation before the Israeli Patent Office (ILPO) in proceedings such as:

  • Extensions for late entry into national phase
  • Rectifying errors in priority claim
  • Appealing an erroneous Office Action
  • Revival of abandoned applications
  • Reinstatement of lapsed patents
  • Technological support in patent-related litigation before the ILPO. 
  • YSDN Patents has strategic partnerships with a number of Israeli IP lawyers and patent attorneys.

Patent Prosecution

We provide the following:

  • Review of patent applications before filing
  • Filing of patent & design applications in Israel
  • Prosecution of Israeli patent & design applications
  • Preparing and filing Information Disclosure Statements
  • Reporting and responding to Office Actions
  • IP portfolio management
  • Applying for Patent-Term-Extensions (PTE)
  • Applying for rush examination
  • Applying for examination under PPH

IP Audit

For investors we provide:

  • IP Due Diligence review and analysis
  • Freedom-to-Operate search and analysis
  • Invalidation searches and analysis
  • Patent infringement analysis
  • Identifying deficiencies in patent specifications and developing design-around strategies.


Investing in Israeli Patents?

Have an expert work for you.

Make smart investment decisions: a complete IP audit provides a powerful business tool.

Our review will prevent you from making painful mistakes.

Early Prep for IP Due Diligence

For IP departments, we provide early preparation and strategies to maximize value to investors and for exit. 

We help in organizing the IP assets, evaluating know-how, identifying risks and key assets and review of assignments and IP agreements.

IP Searches

For inventors and R&D departments we provide:

  • Patentability searches

  • Analysis of prior art

  • Design-around solutions

  • Freedom to Operate (FTO) opinions

  • Validity/invalidity opinions

  • Infringement and non-infringement statements


For individuals who manage their own patent applications we provide budget-oriented advice on-demand.

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