Eng. Yael Saidian, Patent Attorney

My mission is to create for foreign colleagues and Israeli clients a better & easier procurement of patent registrations in Israel.

What makes YSDN Patents different from other Patent Attorney firms in Israel?

We care – always keeping the client in mind as the first and only priority. An application is taken care of by a single professional from filing through registration. We are committed to provide cost-efficient services.


We understand you – +25 years of daily work with foreign IP legal representatives around the globe contributed to a deep understanding of our colleagues. We are aware of the importunacy of concise communication and strive for effective use of our resources. The time of our colleagues is important also is the time of the applicant, we are grateful to both who chose us to assist with IP in Israel and therefore will not let this trust go to waste.


You will enjoy working with us – we are here to facilitate your path towards registered patents in Israel –  good communication is essential in developing and maintaining relationships with clients.


We are proactive and efficient – We learn our client’s needs, develop a prosecution strategy and act upon after the approval of the client.


We have profound knowledge of Israeli Patent Law & Regulations – we keep working hard to accumulate additional expertise and knowledge of domestic and foreign laws.


We are speedy – with high responsiveness and cost-effective service. Every request is to be met with a quote that includes clear deliverables and time table.


Yael is a registered Israeli patent attorney with over twenty-five years of experience in every aspect of Intellectual Property at top-tier IP law firms, including Seligsohn Gabrieli, Dr. Shlomo Cohen & Co. and Korakh & Co.

She has an impressive track record in tackling complex IP challenges, identifying deficiencies in patent specifications and developing design-around strategies as well as extensive experience in drafting and prosecuting patent applications in Israel and abroad (US, EPO, PCT, CN, JP etc.)

Yael served as an electronics technician with expertise in communication devices in the Israel Defence Forces and holds a Bachelor’s degree in technology specializing in Textile Chemistry from the Shenkar College of Engineering, (Ramat-Gan, Israel).  Yael became a registered Patent Attorney in 1997 (Reg. 126) and is also a registered Engineer (Reg. No. 83846).

Industry Areas

מדעי החיים

Life Sciences

כימיה ותרופות


Chemistry & Pharma



Chemical and pharmaceutical compositions,


dyes, surfactants, detergents, 


methods of industrial production, 


foods & food additives, nutrition products, cannabis products, 


dermatological compositions, 


cosmetic/beauty devices

נייר, פלסטיק

Paper, Polymers & Textile


Polymers & plastics 


Textile technology, Textile chemistry


Printing technology


Composite materials, carbon fiber composites


Ceramics, nanotechnology in medical components

הנדסה ומכשור רפואי

Engineering & Medical devices


ultrasound imaging devices


implants & prosthesis


urological prosthetic devices, orthopedic and orthotic devices, dental technologies



Weapons and ammunition (grenades, flechettes, decoy missiles, bulletproof vests, safety mechanisms for guns)



Consumer products, working tools and mechanics.




Water & Agriculture


Green technologies


Water purification


Water dispensers


Plant fertilizers and pesticides, 


Methods & devices useful in agriculture 

Special expertise:

Preparing opinions regarding patentability, infringement, freedom-to-operate, invalidation of patents & analysis of IP portfolios. Yael has prepared opinions for pharma & agro-chemical companies, such as Purdue Pharma, FMC Corporation, Celgene, Abbott Laboratories, as well as for Israeli companies and investment entities.


Effective representation in legal procedures & petitions before the Israeli Patent Office, for example:

● Extensions for late entry into national phase

● Rectifying errors (formalities) upon entry to national phase

● Rectifying priority claim

● Rush examination

● Patent term extension

● Reinstatement of abandoned applications

● Revival of lapsed patents

In addition, Yael has hands-on experience in filing and obtaining Plant Breeders’ Rights (PBR), also known as Plant Variety Rights (PVR) and reinstating abandoned registrations in Israel.