Accelerated Examination Procedure as of November 2019

Yael Saidian

Yael Saidian

Registered Israeli patent attorney

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Israel accelerated examination for PCT national phase applications

As of November 2019, the Israeli patent office has initiated a revolutionary accelerated examination procedure.

For PCT applications that entered national phase in Israel, it will now be possible to apply for accelerated examination upon filing.

After the petition is approved (several days), substantive examination will begin immediately.

The option to request accelerated examination under this procedure remains valid from filing and until issuance of a notice before examination (usually about 18 months after filing in Israel).

This procedure requires filing of a special petition for accelerated examination and a response to the ISR or Written Opinion.

Affidavits/Declarations on behalf of the applicant are not necessary.


During examination, it will be possible to request & obtain extensions.

Which applicant should use this procedure?

The proposed examination procedure is optimal for PCT applications with a positive Written Opinion approving claims that provide the applicant sufficient scope of protection. Nevertheless, when a rapid registration is required, this procedure is also suitable for negative Written Opinions because it enables initiating examination soon after entering national phase in Israel. Under the regular path, substantive examination usually begins 24+ months after entering national phase in Israel.

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