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How To Find A Patent Attorney Firm In Israel

How To Find A Patent Attorney Firm In Israel
Yael Saidian

Yael Saidian

Registered Israeli patent attorney

How do you really find a GOOD patent attorney in Israel?​

Common questions people ask: How to find a patent attorney in Israel or more specifically, how do I find a patent prosecution expert that will help me register Israeli patents for my clients?

I believe that it will be helpful to you to receive some tips and basic info regarding the Israeli IP arena from a local patent attorney.

Foreign associates usually try to find an Israeli law firm that is recommended for its good patent attorneys. Nevertheless, it is also important to find a firm known for its reasonable fees. This task is not easy, specifically for small to medium size foreign law firms that are not filing many patent applications in Israel each year.

So, how do you find an experienced Israeli patent attorney that will handle your filings, prosecution & special requests properly and who is professional, fast and service-oriented?

Few traditional ways to find Israeli Patent Attorney or IP law firm – that will NOT work well:

  1. Contact a large law firm that specializes in Intellectual Property in your home country — one large enough that uses Israeli patent attorneys for filing patent applications in Israel.  Call or email and ask for a recommended Israeli patent attorney.
  2. Most or all countries today have various professional associations for patent attorneys; try to find the Israeli association and call them up and ask for recommendations on firms.
  3. Try looking in professional guides such as BDI Code & Dun’s 100 in the ranking of the firms/individuals.
  4. Use google to find publications by patent attorneys in Israel, on the topic you’re researching.

Unfortunately, in Israel the above traditional ways will not always lead you to the specific person or expertise you require.

Why the traditional ways won't work in Israel

large law firm in your home country will always choose to work with a large law firm in Israel rather a small or medium size.  In Israel there is only one large patent attorney firm, which represents above 80% of the foreign applicants in Israel. This may be in conflict with your client’s preferences and budgetary constraints.

You may think that associations serve their members and hence these groups will have an interest in helping their patent attorneys get in touch with potential clients. But, in Israel, there is only one professional association for patent attorneys: the Israeli Patent Attorney Association (IPAA).  This association is controlled by the three big patent attorney firms in Israel.  Decisions are made by voting. The majority rules. Therefore, the power is held by the larger firms based on the number of practitioners. This allows the big firms to dictate the agenda which may be biased. As stated above, not always a recommendation on a large firm will suit your needs or your client’s preference and budgetary boundaries.

What about professional guides such as BDI Code, Dun’s 100?  

Unfortunately, the ranking of the firms/individuals is affected by money, participation (not all firms participate), the number of practitioners. The professional guides practically rank patent firms according to their size.  Many of the individual patent attorneys are listed in several firms. There is no statistic data regarding success rates or efficiency of prosecution of the law firms.

Google – as you may be aware of, everybody uses google marketing tools to promote websites. If you google “Israeli patent attorney” or “patent attorney Israel”, the first page results are adds promoted by spending large amounts of money. After the adds, you will discover the websites of the large patent attorney firms that include content articulated by skilled SEO professionals in order to promote the firms on google.

Again, you end up with a large firm.

patent attorney israel

Practical advice​

Try to find:

  • A personal recommendation from a colleague currently working with an Israeli patent attorney.
  • Ask the Israeli patent firm to inform you who will actually handle your case. Check the background, experience and expertise of this person.
  • Explore LinkedIn for recommendations from foreign professionals.

You may also use google to find publications by patent attorneys in Israel, on the topic you’re researching. Reading these publications and visiting websites of Israeli patent attorneys may provide you cues that will help you decide which one to choose.

A footnote – further reading about the difference between titles people use in Israel to describe their skills can be found in the post patent attorney or patent lawyer.

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