Information Regarding Patents in Israel

Patents in Israel
Yael Saidian

Yael Saidian

Registered Israeli patent attorney

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The following are basic facts about patents in Israel

  • Israel is a member of the Paris Convention and PCT.
  • National phase PCT patent applications must be filed by the 30-month deadline.
  • Israel is an examining authority.
  • Substantive examination is initiated automatically by the Patent Office.
  • A request for examination is not required.
  • Applications are filed in the name of the owner at the time of filing.
  • Assignment from inventor to applicant is not required, if the transfer of rights occurred before filing in Israel.
  • Changes of ownership during the international phase of a PCT application can be recorded in Israel without fees upon submission of form IB306 issued by WIPO.
  • The online file of a patent application is opened to public inspection after 18 months from the earliest priority date. File Wrappers of national phase applications are available online several months after entering national phase in Israel.
  • Duty of disclosure – the applicant and his representatives must disclose all prior art material from the issuance of a Notice before Examination and until allowance of the application.
  • ILPO provides several options for early examination and accelerated examination.
  • Opposition period –3 months from the date of publication of allowance.
  • Patent term – 20 years from the filing date (if duly renewed)
  • Patent term extension – up to five additional years with restrictions.

More information regarding the filing requirements of new patent applications in Israel.

Additional information regarding the activity of the Israeli Patent Office can be found in the Israel Patent Office English website.  Also available at the official website are annual reports issued by the Patent Office since 2010.

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